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So, how do I tell you my vision?

Communicating and articulating your vision is vital to the design process. For design services purchased here on a few options for our clients to tell BGG about their vision are offered. 

Generally orders are placed and then design details are turned in immediately after through client completing form from 'After Purchasingpage, however if you wish to discuss design details before committing to your purchase to be sure BGG is a good fit you are always welcomed to do so. This can be done through any of the options shared below.

BGG strongly encourages clients to be ready with at least desired colors as well as desired aesthetic or style. It is okay if you do not know every detail, BGG is here to help you navigate through the process and keep you included while sharing expert advice. As long as we can start with colors and a desired style we can make magic happen. 


 Design Service Form

Communicate your desired vision by heading over to the 'After Purchasing' page after you place your order to submit design details for your project(s).

Schedule a Phone Call

You are always welcomed to schedule a phone call with BGG during normal business hours. This can be done before or after your order is placed.


You also have the option to send BGG an email to Be sure the information sent is sent all together in organized manner. This can be done before or after your order is placed.

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