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How does the design process work?

When you work with BGG we take the time to ensure every experience is stress-free & easy. The way we do that is by offering a general 3-Step process for every design project. That 3-Step process features consultation, execution, & finalization.

Throughout this process BGG will walk you through and work with you in order to piece together beautiful branding for your company that is both purposeful + professional.

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So, how do I tell you my vision?

Communicating and articulating your vision is vital to the design process. For design services purchased here on a few options for our clients to tell BGG about their vision are offered. 

Generally orders are placed and then design details are turned in immediately after through client completing form from 'After Purchasingpage, however if you wish to discuss design details before committing to your purchase to be sure BGG is a good fit you are always welcomed to do so. This can be done through any of the options shared below.

BGG strongly encourages clients to be ready with at least desired colors as well as desired aesthetic or style. It is okay if you do not know every detail, BGG is here to help you navigate through the process and keep you included while sharing expert advice. As long as we can start with colors and a desired style we can make magic happen. 


Design Service Form

Communicate your desired vision by heading over to the 'After Purchasing' page after you place your order to submit design details for your project(s).

Schedule a Phone Call

You are always welcomed to schedule a phone call with BGG during normal business hours. This can be done before or after your order is placed.


You also have the option to send BGG an email to Be sure the information sent is sent all together in organized manner. This can be done before or after your order is placed.

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What website builders do you work with?

BGG currently only works on Wix + Shopify website builders.

Will you show me how to use my website?

BGG is happy to walk you through your website and be sure you are familiar with it before closing out the project. Please feel comfortable to ask questions and request a walk through if you are interested.

How long will it take to design + launch my website?

Each client's turnaround time is different but generally Web Design services will take 10-14 Business days to complete.  Clients also have an option to pay a fee + rush their Web Design Order if they wish to do so.

Email to inquire more info.

Can I link my Acuity to my website?

Yes, just provide BGG with your current Acuity Scheduling link so it can be connected to the website and easily accessed by website visitors.

What if I need to make changes to my website's design in the future, will you help me?

As long the design changes are requested within the first 6 months of the project being complete BGG is always happy to help where we can, please reach out to to discuss the desired changes. It is possible BGG may have client purchase a revision fee in order to execute desired changes depending on time + effort involved to fulfil those changes.

Can I still work with you if I don't have any professional photos?

It is possible to work with BGG if you do not currently have professional photos, BGG can find stock photos to use that are cohesive with your brand / company however BGG strongly encourages all clients to use personal photos for their website

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